Darlington Band Alumnae, Keyonna Mills graduates from South Carolina State University

Darlington High School Band alumnae graduates from South Carolina State University

Keyonna Mills is a native of Darlington, South Carolina. She attended Darlington High School in 2012 and graduated from DHS in 2016. While attending Darlington High School, Keyonna Mills was a member of the Darlington Marching Band for 4 years as a Dancer and Flag Girl. Keyonna has been under the leadership of current Director Mr. Brendan L. Johnson where he also served in mentoring positions while in high school such as Captain. Upon graduating from Darlington High School, Keyonna became a student at South Carolina State University where she majored in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry. Director of Bands, Brendan Johnson says: "Keyonna and her family was a blessing to our program. I actually had Keyonna as her student, her sister (who recently graduated) and I currently have her brother who plays the tuba. This is a very talented family. Keyonna was what I call a silent achiever. She wasn't one to publicize her business neither does she look for the approval of others. She's a solid student."

While at South Carolina State University, Keyonna Mills became a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. She was also a member of Sisters in S.T.E.M. Keyonna plans to continue her educational journey in one day becoming a travel nurse.

We are beyond excited about the success of Keyonna Mills. Join us as we share his achievements.

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