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(DELAYED POST) Darlington Band Graduate Keshawn Williams signs with South Carolina State University

Darlington High School Band Graduate Keshawn Williams signs with South Carolina State University, receiving a scholarship in Percussion.

Keshawn Williams is a recent (2022) graduate of Darlington High School. Keshawn has served as a percussionist in the band for five years. He has been a loyal and devoted member who gave much of his time to Darlington High School's award-winning Drumline (CRUZ CONTROL), Symphonic Band and Jazz Band (Total Package, Now 525 Swing). Keshawn has served as drumline section leader for the Marching Band as well as lead percussionist for the Symphonic Band. Keshawn's participation in all of these ensembles has earned him a reputation of being one of the most well skilled percussionist to graduate from Darlington High School. Keshawn has traveled with the band to various states such as Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Keshawn received a Band scholarship to attend South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, SC. There has only been a few percussionists who have been able to do this in the history of Darlington High School Bands. His Major is Agribusiness.

Mr. Johnson stated, "Words cannot express how proud I am of Keshawn! I've known Keshawn since he was a little boy. In fact, Keshawn's grandmother and my grandfather are siblings; however, that never stopped me from treating Keshawn like everyone else. He was always known to be respectful and humble when it came to his musical capabilities. I'm excited to see that his actions has officially earned him such an opportunity as this. I believe he will continue to go far."

Keshawn departed in August to begin his journey with the South Carolina State 101 Marching Bull Dog Band. Join us in wishing him well and congratulating him on such an outstanding achievement.

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