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More than 20 Darlington Band Students received placement in the SCBDA Region 5 Honor Band Clinic.

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

More than 20 Darlington Band Students participated in the SCBDA Region 5 Honor Band Clinic.

In January of 2023, Darlington High School, Mayo Magnet School, and Darlington Middle School students traveled to St. James High School in Murrells Inlet, SC, to audition for placement in the Region 5 Honor band. Of the students that auditioned, more than 20 students were selected and received a placement in the region honor band. The Region 5 Honor Band Clinic took place from February 25th to February 26th at Cane Bay High School in Summerville, SC. These students ended the clinic with a stellar performance representing Darlington County at a high Level. Darlington High School Band is under the Leadership of Mr. Brendan L. Johnson. Darlington Middle School Band is under the leadership of Mr. Carl Sinkler, and Mayo Magnet School Band is under the leadership of Mr. Dwayne Johnson.

The Following Students Received Placement

  1. Mara Rose Helgenberger Darlington High School

  2. Tamera Benton Darlington High School

  3. Zakiyah McClain Darlington High School

  4. Destiny Bess Darlington High School

  5. Saqqara Hicks Darlington Middle School

  6. Maliya Genwright-Gregg Darlington Middle School

  7. Kamrynne Gregg Mayo Magnet School

  8. Sabrina Wynn Mayo Magnet School

  9. Connor Sheppard Darlington High School

  10. Sincere Dudley Darlington High School

  11. Tonia Samuel Darlington High School

  12. Jacob Erese Mayo Magnet School

  13. Annie McMurray Darlington High School

  14. Da'Zhia Durant Darlington High School

  15. LaShae Bunch Darlington High School

  16. Ayreona Garrett Darlington High School

  17. Kan'Yiah Benjamin Darlington High School

  18. NyShayla Cade Mayo Magnet School

  19. Kiersten Phillips Mayo Magnet School

  20. Braxton Gorman Darlington Middle School

  21. Christopher Bess Darlington Middle School

We are beyond excited for these students and their representation of our school district.

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