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This is the official page of the Darlington High School Band Program.  The band program consists of various band ensembles.  The "Marching Falcons" are one of the many ensembles that are most publicly known.  Other ensembles include the Beginner Band for starter players, novice band for players with little experience, intermediate band for players with good experience and advance band for players with great experience.  We also have our award winning Jazz Band known as the "Total Package".  This group consists of 16 of the top players in the band program.  The program consists of over 250 students overall participating in various ensembles.  The students do a great deal of traveling and performing throughout the state of South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and Florida.  The reputation of Darlington High School has been positive with the help of our elite program.

"The Pride of the Pee Dee" where everyone gets PT

Our Mission

The mission of the Darlington High School Bands is to create and foster a musical environment for students while developing them professionally, personally, and educationally.

Our Mission

Our Vision

The Darlington High School Band program is a well-rounded inclusive program that allows for students of all focuses and disciplines to be involved and active.

Combining not only Marching Band, Concert Band and Jazz, the band also provides an outlet for students for perform in small ensembles or individuals.

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