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Stephanie Witherspoon receives School Stand Award

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Stephanie Witherspoon was chosen by Mrs. Cortney Gehrke for the Darlington County School District Stand Award. She was honored at St. Johns Elementary among other students in the school district who were chosen. Stephanie Witherspoon is a senior at Darlington High School. She is the 1st chair Euphonium Player in the Symphonic Band. She was also the baritone section leader in the Marching Band. Stephanie serves in several organizations such as Fellowship of Christian Athletes and JAG. Join us in congratulating Stephanie on such a great accomplishment.

Staff members taking picture with Stephanie for stand award.
From the left: Mr. Brendan Johnson (Band Director), Ms. Baker (Jag Advisor), Stephanie Witherspoon (student), Cortney Gehrke (Principal)

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