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(DELAYED POST) Darlington Band Graduate Kenneth Smith signs with Benedict College.

Darlington High School Band 2022 Graduate Kenneth Smith signed with Benedict College receiving a scholarship on Baritone.

Kenneth Smith is a 2022 graduate of Darlington High School. Kenneth has served as a Baritone player in the band for four years. In middle school, Kenneth started on trombone. He has been a loyal and devoted member who gave much of his time to Darlington High School's award-winning Symphonic Band, and the Award Winning Marching Falcon Band. Kenneth has served first chair on euphonium on the Symphonic Band. Kenneth has had a wide range of experience while participating in the Darlington Band Program. He has traveled with the band to various states such as Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Kenneth received a Band scholarship to attend Benedict College in Columbia, SC. On top of receiving his band scholarship from Benedict, he has also received a number of band scholarships from other colleges as well.

Kenneth being a part of our band has been a blessing, according to Mr. Johnson. We have been able to achieve a number of superiors in both Marching Band and Concert Band thanks to Kenneth's commitment to the band. The encounter with Kenneth in middle school stands out in my memory. I've never seen a student improve on an instrument as quickly. When he was in the ninth grade, I was finally able to convince him to join the marching band. Kenneth will succeed in his academic endeavors at Benedict, I have no doubt.

Kenneth departed in August 2022 to begin his journey with the Benedict College Marching Band of Distinction. Join us in wishing him well and congratulating him on such an outstanding achievement.

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