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Darlington Band Senior, Joi Gregg graduates with 2 Associates from FDTC as a High School Student!!!!

Darlington Band Senior Clarinetist Joi Gregg graduates not only with a High School Diploma but an Associate of Science and an Associate of Arts from Florence-Darlington Technical College.

As a student dually enrolled in Darlington High School and Florence-Darlington Technical College, Joi Gregg conquered and mastered her goal of graduating with two associate degrees. The first in the History of DHS!!

Joi Gregg is a senior band student at Darlington High School. She had been accepted into the Darlington High School Honors College while in 8th grade. While in high school, Joi was a member of multiple student organizations. All of the organizations she was a part of dedicated their time to giving back to the Darlington Community. Joi has also served as our 1st Chair Clarinetist in our Symphonic Band (the highest performing ensemble at Darlington High School). Because Joi was highly involved in various organizations and extracurricular activities, she did not let that stop her from earning her associate degrees from Florence-Darlington Technical College.

When speaking with Mr. Johnson, he stated, "Joi is a very hard working and driven student. I watched her work through stress and overcame adversity on many occasions. There were times when I thought she was going to explode, but she held it together, and for that, I am extremely proud of her and looking forward to her future. Joi has always been a "Joi" to teach. She has always been respectful and a woman of her word. Joi could have easily thrown the band away, considering her busy schedule, but instead, she kept it and did her part. She will always have my undivided support in anything she does."

Joi plans to continue her educational journey at Francis Marion University, where she intends to major in Nursing.

We are incredibly proud and excited for Joi and glad to say that she is our illustrious program.

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