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Darlington Symphonic Band chosen to participate in the State Concert Festival

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Darlington High School Symphonic Band selected to participate in the State of South Carolina Concert Festival. A historical achievement for the Darlington Band Program.

The students of the Darlington High School Symphonic Band worked extremely hard this concert band season. This achievement is beyond amazing.

Darlington High School's Symphonic Band makes history by being selected in the South Carolina State Concert Festival.

The Darlington High School Symphonic Band has had a long band season this year. The band is comprised of the top players in the school. This consists of students from grade levels 9th - 12th. For the first time in history this year, these students earned straight superiors in their concert performance evaluation. That's the highest rating you can achieve in the evaluation process. Mr. Johnson, Director of Bands says that "these students were up for the challenge, I am not surprised of their results but I am surprised of the skills they've developed." In order for a band to be considered for performance at the State Concert Festival, they must earn all superiors in the South Carolina Band Director's Association Concert Performance Assessment. The students will perform on May 11th 2019 at 11:25am. The performance will take place at Irmo High School in Columbia SC.

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