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4 Darlington High School Students serve as Junior Marshalls

4 Darlington High School Students serve as Junior Marshalls requiring them to have a GPA of no less than a 4.25.

This year's 2020 graduation ceremony will consist of 4 of our very own band students serving as Junior Marshalls. In order to be a junior Marshall at Darlington High School, you must have a 4.25 grade point average or higher. These students are at the top of their class. Not only are they conquering as musicians but also as well rounded students. These students are also enrolled in the Honors College where they receive both college and high school credits. Mr. Johnson, Director of Bands says "These are some of the smartest students i've had the privilege of teaching. They're always respectful and continue to make their academics a priority. It's so good to show the community and the state of South Carolina that not only are we world class musicians, but world class students."

Congratulations are in order to the following students who were selected to be Junior Marshalls

1. Briana Scott

2. Dana Joe

3. Naomi Louis

4. Areyana Henry

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