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Board Member Leigh Anne Kelley Donates to Darlington Band

Board Member Leigh Anne Kelley contributed $500 to the Darlington Marching Band towards their Uniform Campaign. Leigh Anne Kelley is the former Booster Club President for Darlington High School Athletics. Mrs. Kelley has always been a huge supporter of the Darlington Community. We are greatly appreciative of her generous donation.

Words from Mrs. Leigh Anne Kelley:

"Thank you for all that you (Mr. Johnson) and Tempestt and Mr. Means and all your other leaders are doing for our kids! Not only are you helping them in their journey to becoming responsible, productive adults, you are also helping SO MANY of them with a pathway to college!!  And not to mention the entertainment you are provided folks like me! You guys provided us something exciting and positive to look forward to on Friday nights. No matter what was going on in the concession stand or with the game, I did not miss a half-time show!! 

I have always been a big supporter of athletics simply because my kids played sports. But the Marching Falcons have made me a BAND FAN!! 

Keep up the good work!!

Leigh Anne

Board Member Leigh Anne Kelley

The Marching Falcons of Darlington High School recently ordered brand new band uniforms and are currently raising funds to pay for them. Feel free to contact us for information on how you can donate today.

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