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Darlington Band Alumnae, Ahjanai Warren graduates from Liberty University with Masters Degree

Darlington High School Band alumnae graduated from Liberty University with Masters Degree.

Ahjanai Warren is a native of Darlington, South Carolina. She attended Darlington High School (DHS) in 2012 and graduated from DHS in 2016. While attending DHS, Ahjanai served on the band for 3 years as a flag girl. Ahjanai has been under the leadership of former Director Mr. Christopher Simpson and current Director Mr. Brendan L. Johnson. Upon graduating from DHS, Ahjanai became a student at Claflin University where she majored in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. Director of Bands, Brendan Johnson says: "Ahjanai was one of my very first students here at Darlington High School. I could never forget the time when I first met Ahjanai. She was a very determined young lady who I knew would succeed in life after high school. I'm honored to say that she was a student of mine."

Ahjanai recently received her Masters Degree from Liberty University where she excelled highly in all of her studies.

Ahjanai's accomplishments place Darlington's Band program in such an amazing position. She is paving a way for many of her successors for following. "This is an accomplishment that we'd like to make a norm here at Darlington High School" says Band Director Brendan Johnson.

Join us and we congratulate and share the success of Ms. Ahjanai Warren.

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