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Darlington Band Alumnae, Curneisha N. Williams graduates from Wofford College

Darlington High School Band alumnae graduates from Wofford College

Curneisha N. Williams is a native of Darlington, South Carolina. She attended Mayo Magnet School for Math Science & Technology in 2012 and graduated from Mayo in 2016. While attending Mayo, Curneisha served on the Darlington Marching Band for 4 years as a flag girl. Curneisha has been under the leadership of current Director Mr. Brendan L. Johnson and former Director Mr. Christopher Simpson. Upon graduating from Mayo Curneisha became a student at Wofford College where she majored in Business Economics. Director of Bands, Brendan Johnson says: "Curneisha was one of my very first students here at Darlington High School. She always presented herself as a very friendly individual. She found things to laugh and smile about all the time. She was always big on her academics and success. This is not a surprise to see Curneisha graduating from college."

While at Wofford College, Curneisha worked as a Resident Assistant, participated in staff orientations, joined the student government association where she was elected senior class president. Curneisha also traveled abroad in Italy, the UK and Chile. Recently, Curneisha was accepted into Teach for America and will be teaching math in the greater delta area this coming fall. After teach for america, she plans to attend graduate school to study public policy and education inequality.

We are beyond excited about the success of Curneisha Williams. Join us as we share her achievements.

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