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Darlington Band Alumnae Dominique Mills, graduates from Coastal Carolina in 3 years!

Darlington High School Band alumnae graduates from Coastal Carolina University only after 3 years of enrollment.

Dominique Mills is a native of Darlington, South Carolina. She attended Mayo Magnet School for Math, Science and Technology in 2015 and graduated from Mayo in 2019. While attending Mayo Magnet School, Domonique was a member of the Darlington Marching Band for four years as a Dancer. Domoninque has been under the leadership of current Director Mr. Brendan L. Johnson since his first year at Darlington High School. Upon graduating from Mayo, Domonique became a student at Coastal Carolina University where she majored in Exercise & Sports Science. Director of Bands Brendan Johnson says: "This accomplishment is no surprise to me when it comes to Domonique. I've never met someone so driven as she is. I knew from the time I met her that she was destined for greatness and will stick to whatever plans she has in place. She has always been one to make effective decisions that may cause her to work extensively; however, she has always been up for the challenge."

While at Coastal Carolina, Domonique danced for "Teal Temptations" and was an active member of an organization called "Women of Color". This organization made it a goal to empower each member who was apart as well as other women of color. While in college, she maintained a 3.6 GPA all while graduating a year early.

Domonique now plans to begin her Physical Therapy Assistant program with Greenville Technical College.

We are beyond excited about the success of Domonique Mills. Join us as we congratulate her on her achievements

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