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Darlington Band Alumni, Jenorris Flynn graduates from South Carolina State University

Darlington High School Band alumni graduates from South Carolina State University

Jenorris Flynn is a native of Darlington, South Carolina. He attended Darlington High School in 2012 and graduated from DHS in 2016. While attending Darlington High School, Jenorris was a member of the Darlington Marching Band for 2 years as a saxophonist. Jenorris has been under the leadership of current Director Mr. Brendan L. Johnson where he also served in mentoring positions while in high school. Upon graduating from Darlington High School, Jenorris became a student at Morris College and transfered to South Carolina State University where he majored in History. Director of Bands, Brendan Johnson says: "Jenorris Flynn is a one of a kind guy. He was always well kept with a positive attitude. Jenorris was one who loved to bring laughter and happiness to his peers. He was never the type to put others down in order to lift him self up, but instead he supported and encouraged anyone he came encountered with. I am honored to say that I taught Jenorris."

While at South Carolina State University, Jenorris Flynn became a i member of the South Carolina State Univiersity Marching 101 Band where he continued to play the saxophone. He also became a member of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity and the 101 Black Men. Jenorris plans to become a history teacher to continue to educate students in his home town.

We are beyond excited about the success of Jenorris Flynn. Join us as we share his achievements.

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