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Darlington High School's Band Program Receives the "PROGRAM OF NOTE" Award by SCBDA

Mr. Brendan Johnson and the Darlington High School Band Program Receives the "Program of Note" Awards sponsored by the South Carolina Band Director's Association.

On February 18th 2023, Director of Bands Brendan Johnson and the Darlington High School Band Programs received a prestige award from the South Carolina Band Director's Association Region 5. The award is known as the Program of Note

Requirements of the Award are as follows:

1. Nominee should be an active member of the SCBDA.

2. Nominee should be employed in a South Carolina public school for a minimum of three years.

3. The program has demonstrated stellar achievement and the nominee has gone above and beyond the scope of typical expectations as a SCBDA director by one or more of the following items: a. Director has served the music profession in a capacity noteworthy of recognition. b. Director has written and received a grant to benefit the students of his/her program. c. Program has received school/district level recognition for achievement. d. Program has received a regional/national level recognition for achievement. e. Director has demonstrated innovation in music education in his/her program.

Director of Bands, Brendan Johnson says "It was such an honor to receive this award on behalf of our band program. I get excited when are students are able to witness the fruits of their labor. We could not have been as successful as we are without the support of our School Board, District and School Administrators, Parents and especially our local community. I am grateful for the consideration of this award from the South Carolina Band Director's Association."

Join us as we continue to congratulate Mr. Johnson and his students for such an amazing accomplishment.

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